Creating own base in India poses a number of challenges. Clients need people on the field to effectively build their bases.

Ramsoft handholds clients in successfully establishing their base in India. They can start using Ramsoft’s infrastructure and resources, while their own base is being built. Ramsoft registers a legal entity and incubates a dedicated team for the client on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis.

An India entity can serve a variety of client needs - act as a representative office; build brand & image in the market; house marketing, sales, warehousing, logistics needs; cater to operations, services, support and help desk activities; address development, maintenance & testing requirements.

During the basic creation phase, Ramsoft helps with essential needs like Infrastructure, HR, Administration, Legal set-up & registration, Resources and IT-enablement. This enables clients to quickly set up the base without huge capital investment and operational overheads. Clients take over their resources/teams and move to their own space, whenever they are ready for it.

Representative / Branch Office
Local branch or representation, with basic assistance and infrastructure

Creation of Legal Entity and Operations
Set-up and initiate business operations as a legal entity under Company Law. All statutory registrations and conformances complied with, using Ramsoft and its consultants

Build Operate OR Build-Operate-Transfer teams
Teams are created for most business functions like marketing, sales, engineering, design, R&D, IT, etc. These teams would be on Ramsoft's payroll, initially, and would operate in Ramsoft's facility. Clients take over the team and move to their own center, over time.

Wholly owned subsidiary
Here the aim is to establish a full-fledged operational subsidiary in India, from day one. Legal entity, infrastructure and team would all be under client’s name and banner, right from start. Ramsoft would act as a consultant in setting up such a subsidiary.

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