Product Development Center in India (1998 to 2001)
A European start-up wanted to have technology resources to support their product development activity. Their objective was to quickly put-together a quality team and launch their product in the shortest possible time. They wanted complete control on the design and IP of the product. Cost effectiveness was a key requirement, as they were small. They also wanted to take over their team, when they do well. This was in the year 1998. There were not many Indian companies who could offer them a complete Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) service.

Ramsoft started with onsite and offshore resources to initiate the product development activity. Once the client had basic comfort in working with Ramsoft, they wanted a team in India that can be run as an offshore entity. At this point, a core team was built and housed in Ramsoft center in Bangalore (India). Necessary hardware was imported in to the custom bonded warehouse and the development environment was set-up.

Ramsoft interviewed, filtered, inducted, and trained new members for the client’s offshore team. Their HR used a network of placement consultants to effectively put-together a dedicated team of 45 members within Six months. All these, with the active involvement of the client's managers.

Over time, the team could handle development, maintenance, HR, administration and finance activities. We set up a legal entity and transferred all the team members to this Indian company. After about 18 months of operation, as planned earlier, client wished to move to their own premises. Ramsoft identified a location and facilitated the move.

Ramsoft's long-term relationship with the client directly contributed to creating an offshore base in a short span of time. From a single person on-site to a 45-member Offshore Center. The client was able to achieve this without the initial time-consuming hurdles of dealing with employee, statutory, HR, and administrative issues. Ramsoft's BOT model offered them the required hands-on support, right processes to ensure deliveries and yet own the team at a later date.

Research & Development Company (2007-2011)
An international organization, involved in embedded systems and applications, wished to set-up a highly specialized R&D center in India. They wanted a local organization to support in the setup and operate phases. Ramsoft was selected due to our decades of experience in BOT services. The client wanted an Indian company formed right at the start and all employees on this entity’s pay roll. However, they wished to use Ramsoft for its infrastructure and complete operational support.

Ramsoft registered an Indian limited liability organization with Foreign directors and fulfilled all the statuary registrations. Then the selection of very skilled designers and technical leads started. The client’s core R&D managers were constantly working Ramsoft to filter candidates and form the core team. Offshore processes were set-up so that the team in India can seamlessly work with three of the clients’ R&D centers around the world. Initially the technical team was supported by Ramsoft for all Administrative, Accounting and Top Management needs.

After a year, the client wished to address the Indian market for their products and services. They also wanted to handle a variety of global support needs from India. At this point of time, marketing, accounting and HR personnel were inducted into their company. In a span of three years, the Indian company transformed itself from a ‘Cost Center’ to a ‘Profit Center’.

Starting with a legal entity and formation of a specialized R&D team, Ramsoft helped the client in creating a strong global center in India. A full-fledged subsidiary that could develop, maintain and market their products, internationally. All this, without any capital investment or entry overheads.

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