Companies that wish to address an unknown market need to understand the market potential - know their competitors, recognize potential partners, identify distribution channels, decide on price points and get strategic information on the market dynamics. Ramsoft’s India entry and marketing services are used to accomplish such needs of clients, which involve market research and direct marketing campaigns to evaluate the market. These studies typically recommend time to enter, when and how to launch and a customized approach.

India entry services aim at helping clients formulate the right strategy for the Indian market. In some cases, even these pilot efforts bring out immediate business opportunities.

Types of offerings:

Market Research / Survey (Range of indirect marketing services):
Gather data to analyse market need, market size and competition. This is a pre-entry research exercise to gain insight and support decision-making.

Market Study & Evaluation (Direct and Indirect marketing services):
Evaluate market potential for client's products/services through direct and indirect campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns (Tele-marketing, E-mail marketing campaigns):
Direct marketing campaigns for target prospecting and interest generation. The idea is to check interest and set up conference calls or meetings with potential clients.

Dealer/Distributor/Partner Identification:
Identifying dealers, distributors and partners based on required criteria.

Indirect-Marketing Services:
Advertisement, Trade show, Conference and Event management assistance.

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