Product Introduction and Dealer Network Creation in INDIA
A European start-up wanted to evaluate the potential for their products in India. Ramsoft helped them study and understand this market. Gathering details on competitor products, pricing, industry verticals, geographical presence, product range etc. were a part of this exercise. This was when their product was in the R & D stage and before it was ready for the market. As they found India as an interesting market, they decided to launch their product along with Europe and US. They decided to create a dealer network to effectively sell and support their product across India. Cost effectiveness was a key requirement, as they were small.

Ramsoft offered a dedicated marketing resource working full-time along with support from research & tele-marketing teams. This team worked closely with client in creating and controlling a dealer network. The team was guided by Ramsoft management for effectiveness in the Indian market. A large list of prospective dealers were identified and filtered after interactions with client’s CEO and Marketing head. Key dealers were selected, agreements signed and an operational network was put in place, over a period of Six months.

Over time, client’s team in India was increased to handle support, finance, HR and other activities.

Marketing in India, with a dedicated team

A Swiss capital equipment company was selling products in India for decades. However, they did not have a base or any kind of physical presence in India. They were mainly working with non-exclusive dealers. Despite being in the Indian market for long, they had not created a brand image or a significant customer base. They needed to address the market for potential direct sales as well as control and expand their dealer network. Their strategy was to enter conservatively and expand, based on market response. They liked Ramsoft’s model of marketing resources that are located in Bangalore but are handled by their global business development managers.

Ramsoft built a customized marketing team with right background in production engineering and rich experience in selling high-value capital machinery, pan-India. This team was fully supported for all their organizational needs – Infrastructure, Administration, HR, Payroll, Travel Desk and Tele-marketing. Processes were set-up so that client's Sales Director (EMEA) located in Zurich could directly drive the Indian team in its efforts to create & grow the business; expand & monitor dealers network; build brand image for their organization and products; and execute a variety of other direct/indirect marketing activities.

The team was created, with client’s involvement, within Ten weeks. Driving this team directly, they initiated interactions with potential buyers and dealers. This resulted in increased business, effective distribution channels and high brand recognition. In a year’s time, clients were thoroughly satisfied with Ramsoft's facilitation services, as their objectives were met with minimal efforts and involvement.

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