Dedicated resources are required by clients to address various business activities - to create, control and monitor Dealer Networks; Brand building; Engineering; Design; R&D; Service & Support; BPO/BPM needs. Such resources/teams are custom built & supported by Ramsoft. Teams are formed, from a large resource network, specifically for each client matching the desired domain expertise and background. Ramsoft’s home-grown processes, infrastructure and support enable the client to directly control and drive extended offshore teams.

The teams would work closely with client's managers and carry out all the objectives. Thus, clients have direct control on the team and get the pulse of the Indian market. Resources and Teams are built to address one or more of the following needs:

Marketing Resources (Part time):
Part time marketing resources to research, call or meet prospects and accomplish specific sales and marketing activities.

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Team (Full Time):
Dedicated sales & marketing resources/teams created especially for the client. Used in generating business in the new market, creating dealer network, building a brand image etc. The client directly controls the team.

Global tele-marketing desk:
Tele-marketing services to prospect global markets of interest (mainly in English)

Incubate & Operate Teams(Design, Service, System Integration & Engineering Teams):
Resources/Teams built for engineering, design and other non-marketing activities.

Customer Support / Technical Support / Help Desk:
Voice / Non voice support services to address technical as well as non-technical enquiries, issues and problems of customers globally.

Remote System & Network Administration:
Remote System and Network administration services to set up, maintain and support IT and network infrastructure.

BPO/BPM services - in select domains:
Build and Operate IT enabled services that can perform functions such as Order/Payroll processing, Finance, Procurement, Legal, HR, Accounting, etc.

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